Design is perceived through our five senses.

It is a conversation between things. Subtle differences taken in: the differences between smoothness and texture, dark and the not so dark, the plain and the patterned, and how those differences make us feel.

How space feels and functions matters to our well being.

We believe how space feels and functions matters to our well being. So whether you’re looking for a simple refresh, a complete remodel, or are building from the ground up, we love to work with clients who have the same desire to inhabit interiors that reflect their lifestyles, interests, and tastes.

Beautiful process generally begets beautiful product; just as food cooked with love tastes better.

Circle Interior Design can assist you with all aspects of your project from collaborating with architects and builders to custom furnishings and décor selected specifically for you.

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We excel at assisting clients with the challenges inherent in changing space including space planning, selection of architectural details and finishes, custom cabinetry design and creating beautiful space through the selection of furnishings, fabrics & accessories to make your space tailor-made for you.

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From large scale remodels to simple, quick make-overs, the design team at Circle Interior Design is committed to designing spaces that are a true reflection of each individual client.

As a painting artist, I take my inspiration in the subtle colors and forms in nature. my practice has grown internationally and my creative work with interiors are celebrated through partnerships that include custom built furniture, special order art pieces for decoration, and zen space design.

D. Kwan

Design Director, Circle Interiors Division

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