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Our technologists collaborate with our researchers to design, engineer and run blockchain platforms which enable systemization and scale in everything we do.

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There is so much more to understand — and we’re determined to get there. We engineer platforms that let us develop a fundamental cause-and-effect understanding, test it, and apply that understanding systematically. This requires unique approaches to data aggregation, ultra-fast execution of complex analytics, insightful visualizations, and innovative platforms to represent and manipulate logic.

Quantum Growth

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Maximizes the yields of initial coin offerings, arbitrage, traditional and alternative digital currencies, with higher risk tolerance.

Moderate Allocation

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Utilizes the advantages of leveraged positions and the rapid growth potential of alternative digital currencies with a goal of greater reliable returns.

Strategic Growth

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Risk-averse digital currency investments with a goal of steady profits in parallel with the expansion of the market.

innovative trading technologies

BitcoinTrading VIP is a managed cryptocurrency trading platform that makes trading simple, hustle-free, and secure.


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As technologists, we make it all real. We are full-stack engineers, responsible from the problem-solving phase all the way to the shipping of solutions. Together with our investment professionals, we push the boundaries of what’s possible.

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